Your Home Selling Process

The G7 Group is with you every step of the way through the Home Selling Process.

  1. Find & meet with your Real Estate Agent (We won’t let you down)
  2. Sign all listing agreement docs.
  3. Review comps, price the property and determine listing date. (with your agent)
  4. Make necessary repairs & replacements. (pre-inspection always recommended)
  5. Declutter and stage your home (agent will help with this)
  6. Its picture time! (agent will handle this)
  7. Its LAUNCH time!
  8. Show your home. (realtors will do this. Just be sure you keep your house as clean as possible and stay flexible to have your home available for showings as needed)
  9. Receive a purchase offer & negotiate (again, your agent will help with this)
  10. Hire a title company. (agent recommendations)
  11. Home inspection & Appraisal (determined by buyers)
  12. Negotiate requests for repairs & ask the buyer to release contingencies, if any.
  13. Sign Title & escrow documents. Surrender your keys!
  14. Collect that check!
  15. Refer your AMAZING agent to all family and friends! (We greatly appreciate it)

Ready to get started with the buying process?